Planning for the next…

My gaze comes back into focus; the corner of the computer screen reappears again in my peripheral vision. Recalling the ideas that had just expended far too many minutes of my day (like so many of my days), I realize my thought’s are back scheming my next adventure in a land far away. My unconcious mind takes me through a maze of ideas and opportunities. Influenced greatly by familiar stories from like-minded adventurous friends, sometimes it feels like I couldn’t possibly decide what place to visit next, with the choice being so great. This notion quickly passes…

I’m a positive kid- some might say I’m a ‘dreamer’…but I know what I want, and I know that if I work hard at it, then I’ll get it (those famous words…). I want to see the world- so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m not going to get caught up on what place I visit next, as long as I get round to all the places I want to see. I’ll prioritize, sure, and I’ll do this by heading back down that neuro passageway in this brain of mine, dislodge the most recent image and idea of adventure I have there, and if it really gets my adventurous curiosity going, I’ll buy a book or two about the place and begin my researching. It shouldn’t be much more difficult than that, surely…

In saying this, I find myself a little torn between my next two destinations. If I’m so adamant I’ll get round to seeing my second choice of destination within the next 12 months, why am I getting so caught up here? Impatience…that is exactly what this is- a tedious frustration that after another month dedicated to adventure, I’ll have to wait for many more months before I can go again. This notion is rubbish. I believe some people call this the ‘travel bug’- I however call this an intolerance to hang around and wait. Patience is a virtue- one that I do not have, and so would seem, many others are short of.

So, do I make way over the Atlantic to South America, hike Machu Pichu, see the Incha Trail in Peru, and take cool photos on the Bolivian Salt Flats, or do I head over to the more familiar South east Asian world, and make way for Indonesia and check out the Hindu-like culture of Bali, and trek the volcanic island of Lomboc? Making the decision isn’t the difficult bit; I can’t wait to do them both, but that ungodly wait between each trip is enough to send my more provocative thoughts into tumult. I couldn’t possibly quit my job, and take that well over-due gap year, and see all the places I ponder over so much?…Its surprising how often I ask myself that one. One day. One day I will set of with just my ruck sack and passport, and leave the job behind me for a year or so, because, frankly, that is exactly what I deem as adventure, in its purest form. I still long for this.

But for now though, I have work tomorrow, next week and next month- plus I still need to start planning my next trip instead of spewing out all of my thoughts on to this page. Instead, I’ll leave you with some cool pics of my next coming adventures…

The Macchu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Sit...

The Macchu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Cusco in Peru, at twilight Français : Le Machu Picchu, site du Patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO près de Cuzco au Pérou, au coucher du soleil Türkçe: Dünya Mirasları Listesi’nde bulunan Peru’daki Macchu Picchu’nun alaca karanlıktaki görüntüsü. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Bolia salt flats in wet season


Mount Rinjani, Lomboc

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6 thoughts on “Planning for the next…

  1. I know your thoughts/feelings exactly! I am so excited for our upcoming mother/daughter trip to Europe this summer, but there are so many places to visit and not enough time! Even while I daydream and plan for Europe, my mind wanders to my goal of hiking to Machu Picchu… That goal is the only thing that gets me up and moving to the gym when all I want to do at the moment is take a nap.

    In fact, the only thing that keeps me from booking my next international trip (to Peru, or Costa Rica, or anywhere else amazing) is that I’m waiting on my miles to deposit into my account. I can’t afford to travel paying for flights out of pocket, so waiting for my miles to deposit from my credit cards helps me to space out my travels.

    In fact, when I get my miles, I’ll automatically be planning my next two trips, because of a trick you can use to get a free one-way flight using AAdvantage award tickets. So my current impatience is slightly lessened by the fact that soon I’ll be booking two trips at once 🙂

    • Funny you should mention about air miles, I spent about 2 hours looking into that earlier this morning…odd! Do you collect Avios points? If so, what card/s are you using? After checking them out, the best rewards seem to come from the american express ones- only problem being not alot of retailers accept it (from my knowledge anyway). How else am I supposed to spend £3k in 3 months if I can even purchase my next pair of trainers with it!

      …and the prospect of double booking would certainly etch a smile across my face 🙂 how soon are you going?

      • Check your spam comment folder – I just submited a pretty detailed response to your questions but it didn’t show up.. maybe it thinks I spammed you!

        If you can’t find my comment, I referred to my blog, where I have some pretty detailed writeups of how I scored mostly free travel using credit card signup bonuses:

        And specifically, to the post titled Regrouping and Daydreaming, where I summarize the miles I have and mention the AAdvantage trick.

        Some of my paid-for-with-points travel highlights include:
        – $206 for two direct RT tickets to Europe from New York City
        – $70 for one RT ticket to St. Kitts from Baltimore
        – a few flights to Boston from BaltimoreI for $5 each out of pocket

      • And in response to your questions about AMEX – I only just got my first AMEX card ever, the rest of my cards have all been VISA.

        I’m looking at going to South or Central America in winter 2013/2014 – whatever will be ‘off peak’ according to American Airlines.

        If I travel off peak, I can go to Peru or Costa Rica for 30,000 AAvantage points round trip, tack on a one-way to Hawaii, and pay 17,500 AAdvantage points for the return trip. That’s two Round Trip Tickets for only 47,500 points! Or, if I choose to go to Alaska instead of Hawaii, it’s only 42,500 points for the two trips.

  2. I’m longing to go and do the Inca Trail and see the salt flats! Will get there some way, some how 🙂 I can imagine how difficult the decision between Asia and South America must be!

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