My adventure in writing

People often ask ‘what route do I take?’ Frankly, there are too many unanswered elements to the question- how long do you want to travel? Mountain ranges or white sandy beaches? Lively nightlife or quiet bedtime reading? I wanted all of it, so for your information, this was the route I took over my 13 weeks 🙂

North Thailand (2 weeks)

London–> Bangkok –> Chaing Mai–> Pai–> Chaing Rai–> Chaing Kong–>

Laos (2 weeks)

Houy Xai–> Bokeo–> Luang Prabang–> Vang Vieng–> Vientiene–>

Vietnam (3 weeks)

Hanoi–> Halong bay–> Hue–> Hoi An–> Nha Trang–> Dalet–> Mui Ne–> Saigon–>

Cambodia (2 weeks)

Phnom Pehn–> Siem Reap–> Battambang–> Sihanoukville–>

South Thailand (5 weeks)

Koh Samui–> Koh Phenang–> Koh Tao–> Surat Thani–> Krabi–> Phuket–> Koh Phi Phi–> Koh Lanta–> Bangkok–> Kanchanaburi–> Bangkok–> London

I decided to go clockwise around SE Asia, to catch the best of the climates at each place- something alot of time and careful consideration went in to. I would say it was pretty spot on, with very little rain and ALOT of sun. Although the skies did open up a few times across south Thailand as I was pushing towards June. Meh…I had my waterproof scuba bag by then- I was invincible.



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