First blog- First post…First time for everything

Welcome to my humble abode! So people call me Ricky…you can call me Rick, Ricardo- I’m open to all. I’ve been around for 26 years now (scary age…the later half of 20s). As the title of the blog suggests, I love to travel. My last adventure was in March, 3 months passing through SE Asia (a well trodden continent). Until now, I hadn’t branched out anywhere like as far…actually I had only traveled through Europe prior to this, so the new culture’s and unfamiliar surroundings was a real joy to absorb and take in.

Over these 3 months, I acquired a ridiculous number of photos – so many I would love to share with you (and inevitably will). I flew into Bangkok on the 5th of March 2012, and continued my round trip northwards through North Thailand, across into Lao, down and through into North Vietnam, worked my way south down the coast and mainland, and took a bus into Cambodia (just putting it out there early on- Cambodia is my favorite country. Ever). After traveling around Cambodia for a few weeks, I flew into Samui, south Thailand, where I continued and finished off my trip island hopping and basking in the sunshine and bathing in beautiful sea’s.


So many stories to tell, so many photos to share…Follow me, share your own experiences of SE Asia here, or stick around and read up on tips, advice and recommendations. I will be detailing all my favorite places, incredible experiences, and places that the Lonely Planet guide doesn’t mention about. Its good to get off the beaten track, in search for real adventure- somewhere a little out of the ordinary and special/unique. Surely that’s what traveling around these huge continents is all about?

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Over and out


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